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Why Philosophy Graduates should be considered just as vital as Science and Engineering Graduates to the Technology and Business Sector.

The Matthew McEvoy Podcast Ep. 006 – Mr Jake Styles on Smashing Your Goals! The Matthew McEvoy Podcast

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back! I hope everyone is doing well in the land of COVID!  It's been a while since I've recorded anything but I'm back with a blast and Mr Jake Styles.  Jake and I have only just become good mates recently, all through taking risks and chasing our dreams on social media!  Jake is an amazing motivator and such a nice guy, and we can all learn a lot from him. I hope you enjoy this episode, stay tunes for more! I've linked his social below!
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What I’m currently working on…

As a Philosophy student, I’m constantly reading and engaging with materials from a broad range of genres, from ancient Arabic to the fitness podcasts; trying to understand any practical applications to better our lives.

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Find out about me…

From qualifications to previous work experience, here you can find everything you could want to know about my skills and abilities that make me a dynamic and integral person.
Subject Representative for the Humanities at the University of Gloucestershire
Level 6 Degree Course Representative for Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
Previous work experience in business administration and revenue protection as estate security, with part time catering and bar work
Held the leadership role of Head Boy during Sixth Form, and was in charge of managing a student body and various charity events.
Coordinator for summer team building and sport camps for young people transitioning to Secondary School.
Qualified Judo Black Belt and Assistant Instructor at the former European School of Judo.
Served with the RAF Air Cadets in public ceremonial events, field-craft, flying, marksmanship and outward bound leadership courses.